what if MS is forced to publish all API's?

Scott Bradford scottbradford at home.com
Sun Sep 9 04:50:59 CDT 2001

with all the discussion going on in the press about what to do with 
Microsoft to remove their Monopoly power or at least see to it that they 
don't abuse their power, how to folks here feel about forcing them to 
release all their API's?

    I'm not a programmer myself, but it's my understanding that not 
having access to the API's is what makes wine such a challenge.  If this 
is the case, would getting access to the MS API's allow Wine to be 
completed?  I feel that a MS breakup wouldn't have done much to change 
things because they can still give information only to whom they choose, 
leaving MS to decide who can play and who can't.  Having other ways to 
run the application base of windows software would remove the need to 
run windows itself, and in my mind, this is the easiest way to remove 
monopoly power of MS.

What do you folks, the Wine developers, think should be done to MS?

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