winsock socket.c patch fixes issues with halflife's multicasting

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Fri Sep 21 02:53:20 CDT 2001

On 21 Sep 2001, David Hammerton wrote:

> it seems there we're a few (bugs/typos) in dlls/winsock/socket.c which
> prevented binding of ports when using multicast, or something along those
> lines.
> heres a small patch which fixes it.

   Please, user -u when you do a diff:
 * it makes it easier to see what the patch changes
 * it makes it easier to find the location you changed in the file. None
of my copies of socket.c match yours so all the line offsets are off
 * it is more robust if you want to apply the patch to a modified
version of the file (translation Unified diff formats actually have
a chance to apply properly, yours does not)

   So I suggest you put the following line in your .cvsrc:

diff -u

   All this is also explained there:
   Wine Developper's Guide: "Submitting Patches"

   That said I must appologize: I am the one who broke this piece of
code. A very bad case of copy/paste.
   Sincere appologies.

Francois Gouget         fgouget at
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