Jeremy White jwhite at
Fri Sep 21 16:05:16 CDT 2001

> Well, because *you* don't look at it doesn't mean it's not the right
> place, does it? <g>  I look at the CVS history quite often, and I find
> that in many cases it's the best way to find out why things are done a
> certain way.

Ah, but I suspect that I am more representative of the typical hacker
than you are, in this regard.  Further, attempting to comprehend
the changelog without the context of the relevant source code
is generally unrewarding for me.

However, I think I realize that my post and thread is largely
useless.  As much as I think you err on the side of brevity,
I suspect that, except for my patches, you rarely
go around deleting comments from code...


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