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Fri Sep 28 12:22:37 CDT 2001

>>>>> "eric" == eric pouech <eric.pouech at> writes:
    eric> however, what I don't know is what 096d4e18 is (thread of same
    eric> process or newly created thread). looks more like and old thread
    eric> but...  on the other hand, since createprocess is called without
    eric> the inherit flag and that no argument are given on the command
    eric> line, the newly created process shouldn't wait on this event
    eric> (0x7C), unless it opens the event with its name (Uwe, is there
    eric> something like that after line 51145 ?), or there's a mess in
    eric> message sending/processing (or wait for a window creation) that
    eric> doesn't take place

This TKWDOG is some strange process. Starting is seperatly on WinXX doesn't
give any visible output ( beside some window flashing up short and then
vanishing again), but the taskmanager shows it running. I guess that this
TKWDOG belongs to the license checking of that progarms (Synario SCS,
Xilinux seems to use them too). TKWDOG has CreateProcess call(s?) too. I
guess that TKWDOG is supposed to spwawn another process and finish and I
suspect that this doen't happen in wine. Have to dig deeper when I find


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