Bug in CreateWindowEx

Luke Stras stras at ecf.toronto.edu
Sat Sep 29 17:52:42 CDT 2001

I'm trying to get Civ2 to run under wine (checked out via CVS today),
and I've run into a particular problem.  The installation is totally
stand-alone -- all DLLs are built-in.

I get an invalid page fault in X11DRV_GetDC [winpos.c:441], at the line
which says:

  drawable = data->client_window

Some debugger work shows that data is NULL.  Now, the backtrace shows
that we get *here* from a call to WIN_GetMinMaxInfo from CreateWindowEx
[win.c:885].  The problem, as I see it, is that
USER_Driver.pCreateWindow doesn't get called until [win.c:922] -- in
other words, when the callback inside Civ2 receives the
WM_GETMINMAXINFO, it tries acquiring a DC for some reason, and this
causes the crash.

Now, I don't know enough about how wine works internall to fix this.
Can anyone provide any suggestions? 

Luke Stras <stras at utias.toronto.edu>
"The meek can have the Earth; the rest of us have other plans" 
  --Henry Spencer

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