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I am preparing a patch for DirectDraw::SetCooperativeLevel and friends:

Some questions from a newbie, so please bear with me:

ddraw/user.c has comments like these:

/* GetDisplayMode: generic */
/* GetFourCCCodes: generic */
/* GetGDISurface: ??? */
/* GetMonitorFrequency: generic */
/* GetScanLine: generic */
/* GetSurfaceFromDC: generic */
/* GetVerticalBlankStatus: generic */
/* Initialize: generic */
/* RestoreAllSurfaces: generic */
/* RestoreDisplayMode: generic */
/* SetCooperativeLevel: ??? */

* What does the "generic" stand for? Return value? Function class?
* It seems that SetCooperativeLevel associates a "value" (or more than one)
  with the givenwindow handle and TestCooperativeLevel let's you later check
  this status. Where would I store such a "global" value?
* If I understand it correctly, the directx stuff is done by transgaming.
  Their licence differs from the "normal" wine. (I am really unsure
  how all these things play together even after readin, and
  So, if I send in a patch for that, should I send it to wine-devel-patches?
  wine-devel? winex-devel? Under what license would it fall? Or does that
  not matter? 
  I have no idea what hidden snatches are in the transmeta licence,
  so I would like to use the LGPL. ;) Is there a problem with that for the
  transmeta guys or for you wine guys? Or would it fall automatically under
  the transmeta licence, since I am patching their source anyway?
  (You can tell I am confused ;)
* Also, since I am a bit CVS challanged (newbie, I told you ;), is it okay
  to add my files directly in the CVS source tree with vi(m) and then send
  you a diff -u patch? Or do I need some CVS magic to do locally? Or just
  keep the file outside the CVS and then send a patch?

Thanx in advance,

Te"Wine, I am coooominng!"ls

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