ReadFile and WriteFile in overlapped mode

Jacques Gelinas jack at
Thu Apr 4 12:01:37 CST 2002

I have been looking at those two functions and some specs. My understanding
is that those function do not work at all in overlapped (async mode). Currently
(latest stuff in CVS), both function handle overlap mode like this

a)	Give it a try in synchronous mode using a combination
	of pread/read and pwrite/write.

b)	If not enough bytes were read or written, a request
	is sent to wineserver to perform and asynchronous
	operation. This request always fail. (don't know why yet).

There is two problem here. If step a succeed, no event will ever be
generated since step be is not performed. Application doing the following


will wait forever. Some borland Builder classes do this

My understanding is that step a should never be done and only step b.
Is that correct ?

Now, why step b is failing is another story.

Comments ?

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