Crossover/WINE Test In Large Rollout

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Hi Dave,

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From: "Dave Richards" <drichard at>
Subject: Crossover/WINE Test In Large Rollout

> All-
>  ...
> Here are the problems-->
> 1) Endian Bug.   WINE is not able to detect that the runtime Endian
> order might be different than the server.  Our Xterminals are RISC based
> and obviously WINE is running on Intel.  All of the colors display
> incorrectly because of this.

This is probably straightforward to fix for a developer who has access to
that type of Xterminal, although I don't know exactly where the problem

> 2) Performance.   On remote displays WINE is *much* slower than it is on
> the console.  The Lotus Notes client took over 5 minutes to run remotely
> whereas on the console it comes up in about 20 seconds.  I am assuming
> that it is making use of some of the XFree extensions for performance
> and that perhaps they have to timeout and drop through code in order to
> run on our Xservers.  Once it is running, performance is much better,
> but the initial startup make it undeployable.

This is more difficult and is usually worse on apps that make use of lots of
window handles in their UI. I have attached a patch which can sometimes make
a factor of 10 difference in this scenario.

Another solution (to both problems) we have used is to use VNC as the
Xserver, (which is effectively local) reducing the round trip problem. If
you are using Xterminals you could run the VNC client on the application
server you are connecting to (ie VNC client/server on the same machine) and
use an Xsession just running the client connected to the VNC server running
wine. Another advantage here is that the VNC java client can be used in a
regular browser session so you don't necessarily need an Xterminal even.

I'm not sure that I explained that very well, but if you want more details
email me privately and I can explain some more.

Dave Hawkes
Cadlink Technology

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