How to debug an exception handler ?

Laurent Pinchart laurent.pinchart at
Sat Apr 6 14:07:55 CST 2002

> >I have a windows program which raises an exception as part of its normal
> >execution (it tries to call int 0x01). The program setups an exception
> >handler, catches the exception, and resumes it execution after the call to
> >int 0x01. This works fine when run in wine.
> >
> >However, when I try to run the program in winedbg, the debugger catches
> > the exeception, interrupts the program execution, prints a register dump,
> > stack dump & backtrace, and waits. If I continue the execution using
> > 'cont' (after incrementing $eip by 2 to skip int 0x01), the program
> > continues but the exception handler installed bu the user program is not
> > called.
> >
> >I was wondering if it was a bug or a normal behaviour, and if it is normal
> >behaviour, is there a workaround ?
> >
> Keep in mind that I am NOT a wine guru but it looks like copy protection
> to me. My guess it you use trace relay the same thing will occure as
> when you use the debugger.

Thanks for your answer, but I want to use the debugger because I need to put 
a breakpoint at some point in the code and check some register values there.

Laurent Pinchart

PS: Yes, it's copy protection

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