Running tests on windows

Geoffrey Hausheer i8e7fkwmsl1 at
Sun Apr 7 19:32:34 CDT 2002

Last week I submitted a perl script that makes a Makefile (and archive 
bundle) for building tests on Windows boxes under cygwin.  Well, it works 
fine with mingw too (when using msys at least), but there is a snag.

In order to compile tests under Windows, I seem to need to include windows.h 
before any other .h files.  I did this using the '-include' directive in gcc, 
but it requires knowledge of the absolute path to the windows.h file.  This 
means I need to specify the path in the Makefile, which is completely 
non-portable (especialy with mingw which doesn't really have a default setup 
like cygwin does).

1) So it seems I have three options.  I can append '#include <windows.h>' to 
each .c file (either wrapped in #define, or through the perl script)

2) I can include the entire wine /include directory in the archive, and use 
that 'windows.h' to build against.

3) I can just force the user to edit the Makefile to point to the correct 
include directory.

I don't really like any of these options (though 3 is the the easiest to 
implement, as this is how it works now)

So is there a better solution than the three I've listed?
And why won't wine let me include 'windows.h', but under windows it is 


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