Running tests on windows

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Mon Apr 8 02:33:50 CDT 2002

Geoffrey Hausheer wrote:

>On Sunday 07 April 2002 20:29, you wrote:
>>"Geoffrey Hausheer" <i8e7fkwmsl1 at> wrote:
>>>So is there a better solution than the three I've listed?
>>>And why won't wine let me include 'windows.h', but under windows it is
>>Probably it would be better to use Wine headers to compile Wine tests.
>I disagree that this is a good idea.  The idea is to test that wine behaves 
>in the same manner as Windows does.
While I agree with that sentiment, I would like to point out that it may 
be that WINE has an incorrect function definition that is backed up by 
an incorrect declaration in the .h file. Such a situation may result in 
compiling for wine with the wine headers working, as well as compiling 
for Windows with the windows headers, but missing the binary 
compatibility support goal.

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