CoGetClassObject and SHQueryValueEx A/W/AW fixxes

Leo van den Berg leo at
Thu Apr 18 12:00:08 CDT 2002

please hold this one off, i have to add some changes to Makefiles to 
enable a clean complete build.. (only tried incremental)
will be fixxed,  sorry bout this.


Leo van den berg wrote:

>Cleaned up and fixxed Registry Path finding of Inprocess32 & LocalServer32,
>registry entrys like '%SystemRoot%' don't break programs anymore now.
>Found that SHQueryValueEx - family of functions were broken (and derived
>functions as well ofcourse). Not 100% happy about the result, but it seems
>to *work* now.
>any comments welcome ofcourse,
>	Leo van den Berg

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