Wine server request serialization IS broken

Laurent Pinchart laurent.pinchart at
Sat Apr 20 03:51:12 CDT 2002


I finally manage to understand where the problem comes from. And 
unfortunately there's a pretty serious inter process communication problem.

CreateProcess waits until the child process initialization is done. This is 
handled by the server, which receives a init_process_done request from the 
child process, and then 'wakes' the parent process.

My parent process calls SetThreadContext right after CreateProcess returns. 
Unfortunately, that's done in the middle of a wine server call from the child 
process (after it has sent the init_process_done request, but before he has 
read the reply). This causes some other server calls to be made, and a 
desynchronization to occur.

I'll try to have a look at the code to find a way to fix that. As I don't 
have a global view of all the wine architecture, I'll probably forget a lot 
of side effects, so I'd appreciate very much if someone more experienced than 
me could give me a few advices.

Thanks in advance.

Laurent Pinchart

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