Installing MS Office gives error in installer

Speeddymon speeddymon at
Mon Apr 22 15:01:15 CDT 2002

actually i did manage to get it work work from the cd,
you have to explicitly specify the -o unhide command
when you run mount or put the unhide command in your

as for the files not getting written, i had the same
problem, it is  the .lnk files (that i assume go in
the start menu on windows)...i am thinking that they
aren't being properly converted to .desktop files or
something.  I will try installing with crossover
office tonight and post the results tomorrow


--- Rizsanyi Zsolt <rizsanyi at> wrote:
On Wednesday 17 April 2002 21:42, Speeddymon
> > I just recently installed wine-20020411 (as you
> > may
> > have noticed from my patch)
> > I haven't tried installing Office 2000 on
> > versions, but heard that it worked, so I decided
> to
> > try it.  First I tried it in Crossover Office
> (since i
> > just recently got that also) and the Office 2000
> > installer complained that it couldnt find a
> package to
> > install on the installation media.  So I tried
> in
> > wine and it did the same thing...  There were no
> debug
> > messages or anything (in the console).
> >
> > If anyone knows of a way around this, please let
> me
> > know...  If it has been mentioned before please
> point
> > me to the right wine-devel archive so I can find
> it...
> I have also dared to try to install office2k, and
> had the same problem.
> But I have found a workaround...
> When the installation fails, the MSI installer is
> already copied to your 
> windows directory (I think its name is
> installmsi.exe or something like that 
> - I dont have it at hand). So I have tried to
> it with the msi file in 
> the root of the CD (the data1.msi or something
> that - the other msi is 
> something else).
> This way the installation started. The
> of what programs to 
> install worked perfectly, but when copying the
> the installer broke, and 
> said that it can't write a file. I dont know what
> was the problem. I had 
> enough space, the persmissions were ok, and so on.
> I have tried again, and the installer broke again
> but now with a different 
> file. So I give up, since I don't really need it
> install, just I wanted to 
> see what the people are talking about... But if
> find a solution (or 
> submit a patch :), then I will be interested...
> Best regards,
> Zsolt Rizsanyi

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