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Tue Aug 6 00:07:56 CDT 2002

Dante Aliegri,
> >>
> >       Just developers or active developers?  My last part was the FPU code.
> >Something else was broken and my system no longer runs 16-bit dos programs so I
> >cannot test what I've written.
> >
> Yeah, I saw that. kind of irritating.
> I just did the int33 functions for hiding/showing the mouse, but I can't
> find an app other than IDA which uses that
> and I don't have IDA to test it.
	I may have IDA somewhere.  Thank you for the code.  One of the programs I aim
to get working under dos, vpa.exe, uses the cursor routines that you mention.  
	My real problem, the reson that I'm sending a copy to the wine list, is that I
cannot read the screen when I try to use winedbg to run programs.  All of the
text is crushed to the top of the screen.  It looks like the text has been
stretched across the screen, and pushed to the top of the screen.  My vision
isn't that good.  It gives me a headache trying to use it. 
> >
> >
> >
> >>But really, if you want a way to learn win32 and xlib at the same time,
> >>this is it.
> >>There are a lot of different things you can do;
> >>if you want to learn how to disassemble, there is use for that.
> >>If you want to learn opengl, you can work on d3d -> opengl mapping.
> >>If you want to learn COM/Bonobo objects, there is that.
> >>
> >       You can learn all of this?  I've been with the project a long time, in the dos
> >aspect.  I wish that I had more brainpower to devote to the project.  Are there
> >any tutorials on this stuff?
> >
> Heh, the implication was to pick one that was interesting and learn
> that, the idea being that wine needs help with so many different things, you could pick
> any and it would be useful to the project.
	I have always felt that the strength of OSS is that the developers use the
software.  We don't all collect a check at the end of the week and wait for the
bug reports to come in.  The software that we write is stuff that we want to
have running.  That's how I select what I'm going to work on next.

> As for tutorials, different ones exist that cover those topics, but not
> in a wine specific manner.
> Like you can find tutorials on d3d, and on opengl, but not implementing
> d3d using opengl.
	Maybe we need some tutorials.  My mind is now clear enough to handle such a
project.  I'm embarassed by what little I have done.  New developers are often
asking us where to begin.  Maybe we're taking the wrong approach.  It would be
more helpful if developers came in with something that they wanted to run and a
clear idea of how to make it work.
	God Bless,
		--Robert 'Admiral' Coeyman

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