wine ui control hacker?

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Fri Aug 9 11:19:57 CDT 2002

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> [please cc: me as not subscribed to list]
> I was wondering if there was any wine hacker out there who was somewhat
> of a usenet binary user (for me its my version of tivo, don't have time
> to watch all the shows I want and vcd quality sucks, so the caps that
> are posted are useful).  Well, the program I really depend on for this
> is newsbin pro ( it somewhat works in wine, but
> many of the ui controls just dont work right, which makes it very
> difficult to use.
> I've spoken with the author of the program, and he's interested in
> seeing the program work well under wine, so would be willing to throw in
> a license key to a wine developer who could get it working well under
> wine.  The author doesn't want to be inundated with many "I can do it",
> so he asked me to vet people interested in working on it.  you can get a
> trial version from the url I gave above so you can get an idea of what
> has to be done to get the program to work well.
> anyone interested?

I find it is quite useable, provided you use some native Windows
dll's. I /think/ only the common control's are essential.

One major problem with builtin common control is that performance
drops to unacceptable levels when the listsviews get very long. 

(properly licensed)
Rein Klazes
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