WINS support in Wine

Claudiu Costin claudiuc at
Sun Aug 11 18:43:32 CDT 2002

   Dear friends,

  I want to bypass WINS client routines 
and use LMHOSTS as a mean to "resolve" 
Windows machines names. Sincerly, on Win2k
I haven't success, even I setup the
c:\winnt\drivers\etc\lmhosts file.

  But, I need this to work to surpase
the Outlook dialog in Wine which say me that 
there are networking problems and it cannot 
resolve/find my "exchange_name"  server.

 My desire is to make Outlook Exchange support
work on Wine. You, know, if I succeed this, then
I'll not be forced to reboot on Windows when
I'm at my job.

P.S. Thanks in advance for help

have a nice day,
Claudiu Costin, claudiuc at
Linux-KDE Romania

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