FW: what's with WS_OVERLAPPED?

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(Damn; Outlook bugs me)

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> >> On Wednesday, August 14, 2002 Ove Kaaven [mailto:ovehk at ping.uio.no]
> wrote:
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> >> WS_OVERLAPPED is in practice considered the absence of the
> >> WS_POPUP and
> >> WS_CHILD flags, I believe.
> >
> >Thanks Ove; that'll do for a working hypothesis.  (I wish 
> Microsoft would
> be
> >consistant)
> >
> >Just for the record it is clearly more complex than that.  I 
> guess since
> >Microsoft wrote it we can trust Spy++ a little.  I have seen 
> spy++ declare
> >that a "tooltips" class window (style 0x84800000/00000088) has style
> >WS_OVERLAPPED whereas a "tooltips_class32" class window (style
> >0x84800003/00000088) doesn't.
> Hmm, this is just a wild guess but couldn't it be that the 
> style applies only to the lower word of the windows style. 
> Windows coming
> from 16bit DOS it wouldn't be surprising if the original 
> windows style was
> 16 bit only as well. Either that or Spy++ has a bug, even 
> though you trust
> it so much ;-).
Except all the general style stuff is in the top word; the only difference
between the two styles, the 3, is two TTS_* toolbar style; generally the
stuff in the low word is, I believe, control-specific.
I honestly think that it is not so much that Spy++ has a bug as that it is
based on some knowledge within Microsoft that describes how they have worked
around the mess they have generated over the years.
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