Wine Ma os X port

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at
Mon Aug 26 11:59:13 CDT 2002

--- David Suarez <david at> wrote:
> Im kinda new to Wine, and I hope to get into very
> much, however I had one question which im sure
> everyone has heard alot of. Is there any way to run
> WINE on mac OS X being that it is based on FreeBSD.
> I have played around with the mac's and have gotten
> several linux programs to run, however i haven't
> tried wine yet. I do no that os X comes with many
> development tools that could possible be used for
> porting an app, but then again i am new at this so
> im not sure. Any information on this would be
> greatly appreciated.

The problem is - OS X runs on PowerPC processors
architecture, but Window programs are compiled for x86
However, it is possible to port Winelib to OS X.
For details see:


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