Add BiDi infrastructure

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Mon Aug 26 11:59:59 CDT 2002

Alexandre Julliard wrote:

>What I'm saying is that it's not a good idea to start using fribidi,
>create dependencies and problems for packagers, etc. if we know that
>it's a wrong design and that we will need to replace it.
Ok, accepted. Not only by me, but also by Bidi's maintainers.

I'm currently shifting my efforts to creating the required 
infrastructure in fribidi for supporting all of our current and future 
needs (UTF-16 included). Once that's in fribidi, I trust depending on it 
will not be considered a problem, right?

> The truth is
>that bidi is not really a priority feature (as shown by the number of
>people interested in making it work),
Ouch :-(. Actually, there is a lot of interest in people wanting Wine to 
support Bidi (or at least, Hebrew). This can be seen from the comments 
on any of the many articles in recent press about Wine, Lindows etc. 
Sadly, this did not create a movement of developers, true (unless you 
count yours truely as a "movement").

> and so it doesn't really matter
>if it works tomorrow or only in 3 months. What matters is to pick a
>correct design so that if more people start to care they can build on
>it, instead of having to throw it away and restart from scratch.
Point taken and observed. I'll make sure fribidi has, at least, the 
final package dependancy (I don't know, yet, whether packagers will 
choose to package fribidi-utf16 in a different package), and I'll 
resubmit. I have, pretty much, a guarantee from Behdad that the required 
changes will be supported.

Time to direct efforts torwards a better fribidi design.


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