DOSFS_FindUnixName and "unix" filesystem (was: Re: (HELP) ...)

Andreas Mohr andi at
Thu Aug 29 12:17:18 CDT 2002

On Thu, Aug 29, 2002 at 09:37:13AM -0700, Duane Clark wrote:
> Martin Wilck wrote:
> > 
> > In any case this is relatively minor and we can live without. If we
> > don't patch, we need to be prepared that other people stumble into the
> > problem I had, though. I am still feeling dumb - my wine development was
> > practically stuck for 2 months because of that "wine" file.
> Since I also was stumbled for a long period on a similar problem, due to 
> specifying a "unix" filesystem, perhaps it would be appropriate in the 
> documentation to put some large warnings on that option.
Well, uh, where have you been recently ? ;-)
That's exactly what we've been doing in several docu places for two years now.
OK, it may not be specified in every relevant docu, but I'd say that at least
40% of all docs tell this story.

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