[RFC] wrc & windres

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at rogers.com
Thu Dec 5 10:41:40 CST 2002

On December 5, 2002 11:19 am, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> If you can make it clean enough sure; but I'm not convinced this is
> possible, especially if you are playing with ELF sections. If it's

To be honest, I've never worked directly with ELF section, it was just
an idea to store that info somewhere.

> going to be an awful hack then I much prefer the approach of creating
> a dummy .o and handling that in the wrapper tool.

Well, that's the idea, really. But I have to find a way to mark the
special .o files somehow. I don't think just touching them works,
because of possible separate source and build trees. At a minimum I 
have to store the .res/.rc file name in it, and I figured if I do 
that, I might as well store the .res content. But if you have a 
better suggestion on how to store some info in a .o file that we can
than easily detect in the winewrap tool, I'm all ears.

BTW, storing the .res content in the .o file has the small benefit
that resource compilation happens at the expected place in the
build process, but I guess we can defer it to winewrap, no problem.

> It's still ugly but at least it's much less complexity to maintain
> for such an IMO minor feature.

It does look like a minor feature, but it's probably less work than
to mess around with the Makefiles of say Mozilla. If this is ugly,
the alternative is plain nasty. :)


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