Winedbg and gcc 3.2

Alberto Massari alby at
Fri Dec 6 10:26:42 CST 2002

Hi everybody,
a few weeks ago I changed my build machine from a RedHat 7.2 + gcc 2.9x to 
a Mandrake 9.0 + gcc 3.2, and I noticed that I was unable to debug the Wine 
libraries (I got messages like "No debug information in ELF 
'/usr/local/lib/wine/'), while gdb worked just fine.

So today I digged a little bit and I found that winedbg supports the 
"stabs" debug format, and looks for the ".stabs" segment in the binary.
The copy of gcc 3.2 I have (gcc-3.2-1mdk) doesn't produce this segment 
unless I replace the -g option with -gstabs.

My questions at this point are:
- is this behavior typical of every gcc 3.2? or it's only Mandrake that 
does it?
- is somebody going to change the "configure" script to detect such a 
situation and specify "-gstabs" instead of "-g"? (I would volunteer myself, 
but I am not expert in this field... I just hacked my copy to make it work 
in my tree)
- or should winedbg be improved to understand more debug formats, so that 
it can handle whatever informations the "-g" option spits out?


P.S. Please don't flame me if I said something naive....

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