Some fixes in capabilities

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sat Dec 7 02:23:32 CST 2002

> My appologies. (I am a VERY thick at times) I think most of my problems
> with this is that I am/was doing it (The Wrong Way) (C) OK. I think I
> should clarify since I brought it up  There are two ways of getting
> extraneous messages from winedbg in the log.
> 1). Starting winedbg with --debugmsg +(any channel you want a trace of)
> ie: +loaddll

> 2). Any fixme message will get into the log regardless of whether it is
> generated trough the app or winedbg. I would assume this also applies to
> err and warn as well but I have not tested them
this would apply to fixme and err which are turned on by default
warn and trace are off by default

> I think that now that I know about these two conditions (and avoid them)
> I should be able to get a good clean log.

the point 2/ is complely intented and should be kept as such

regarding point 1/, what you can do is:
- start your proces with wine foo --debugmsg +blabla
- start winedbg
- in winedbg, attach to the running process (using 'walk proc' to get
the process id and 'attach pid')


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