Let --disable-debug actually do something

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Sat Dec 7 02:31:26 CST 2002

> > A possible fix is to hack configure to pass the flags on the compiler
> > command-line; another is to remove the configure option completely
> > and just tell people who really want it to do something like:
> >
> >    make clean
> Unfortunately, I've seen packagers use it.  Gentoo, for example, uses
> it.  And I could see the logic: why would joe user want all these
> gibberish messages dumping onto the console while he's trying to work?
> So, eliminating this from configure might be a good call IMHO, at least
> until we get it working.
> Perhaps the wrapper scripts should control where the debugging output
> goes.  I.E.: we could support (1) the usual stuff (2) appending debug
> output to a log file or (3) appending debug output to /dev/null,
> without messing with DNO_DEBUG_MSGS....
at some point, I was also thinking of:
- implementing the wine debug messages with the
OpenEventLog/ReportEvent/EVENTLOGRECORD... API (using some specific wine
- implement those APIs with various log files capabilities (either
redirecting to stderr as we do now, or to some files in /var/log/wine/,
or /dev/null...)

but this would impact the performance of our logging, especially relay
logging :-(, no I never actually tried to do it


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