Patrik Stridvall ps at leissner.se
Mon Dec 9 05:11:59 CST 2002

> In other words, preprocessing is like 10% of compilation, so
> it can't be unbearably slow. Something else is wrong.

Perhaps. It was quite a few years ago I did it. I just remember
abandoning the idea of using "gcc -E" for preprocessing in
winapi_check because of horrible a speed slowdown.
> > The FSF claims that you forking and calling a GPL:ed executable
> > is the same as linking with a GPL:ed library and calling
> > functions in that library.
> Do you have a reference to this? Never heard of something like
> this before.

It was dicussed extensively during the great licensing war.


The main part is this I think:
< The difference between this and "incorporating" the GPL-covered software
< is partly a matter of substance and partly form. The substantive part is
< this: if the two programs are combined so that they become effectively
< two parts of one program, then you can't treat them as two separate programs.
< So the GPL has to cover the whole thing.

In the case of wrc it is pretty clear that "gcc -E" will one of the parts
of the whole program and thus wrc must be under the GPL (or compatible with it).

While, as I said earlier, this is a not a direct problem for a LGPL application,
we have as I said I policy not to "link" with GPL:ed applications.

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