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Mon Dec 9 15:54:45 CST 2002

>>>>> "Zsolt" == Zsolt Rizsanyi <rizsanyi at> writes:

    Zsolt> On Monday 09 December 2002 17:54, Scott Cote wrote:
    >> I've found that many of the test applications I've tried installing
    >> failed due to the lack of MSIEXEC. If it is implemented, could you
    >> tell me where to find it? If not, I'd like to contribute, could you
    >> tell me if any work has been done and who to coordinate with?

    Zsolt> It is not implemented. That's sure. (Tough installing MS Office
    Zsolt> 2k installs it for you) I have not heard anybody speaking about
    Zsolt> implementing it on this list (I'm listening here since about a
    Zsolt> year).

We don't need to implement every MS dll. We only need to implement:
- core dlls (kernel32, comclt32, ...) which applications expect to be
- dlls used for compiling/porting (msvcrt)

I guess this msiexec is not loaded to the system after a clean
Windowsinstall. In this case the installer must cope with the situation that
msiexec is not there and must provide it itself.


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