Non latin fonts and non local fonts

Shachar Shemesh sun at
Mon Dec 9 15:50:06 CST 2002

Hi list,

It appears that when I'm copying the Windows fonts to C:\windows\Fonts, 
setting LANG to he_IL is all it takes for Hebrew to be displayed in edit 
controls and dialog boxes.

When I try to copy the exact same fonts to /usr/lib/X11/fonts/windows, 
and adding them to the XF86Config fonts dir, and running ttmkfdir, no 
go. The fonts are available to Wine (and each is enumerated multiple 
times in the fonts dialog), but Hebrew is not displayed by default.

Sometimes, when I force the CHARSET to HEBREW_CHARSET, I get Hebrew 
after all, but I'm not at all sure the same font is used then.

In addition to this problem, I was wondering why we no longer enumerate 
the X fonts the moment there is ONE font file in c:\windows\Fonts? Is 
there a reason for them to magically disappear?


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