Wine, Windows.Forms on Linux, GC and segfaults.

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Wed Dec 11 06:42:52 CST 2002

>       I was wondering if it would be possible to just "link" against the
> Wine library instead of having to create a stub application to run from?

The way linking works in winelib is kinda odd with the usage of the *.spec that it seems this is
not possible. There was some disscussion on this a while back and certain changes that would be
needed to LD but I think those might also have been for PE support. If I remember right this has
something to do not only with LD but with alot of the magic wineserver works and hence just
linking your application to a winelib library would not include all of the support wineserver
provides. The rule seems to be its impossible to just -lwine your application. Wine is approaching
0.9 soon so once we hit 1.x then we should have a stable ABI/API which will make sharing the dlls
a lot easyer if you come up with a new loading/linking method for mono rather then the winebuild
system and its more interesting "features"


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