wineoss/wavemap and i810 sound cards

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Wed Dec 11 14:32:48 CST 2002

Francois Gouget wrote:
> Here's the problem: apparently i810 sound cards (and the corresponding 
> OSS drivers) only accept 48kHz sound in 16 bit stereo. So if an 
> application uses winmm to play a sound in any other format, winmm has to 
> use the wave mapper to do the conversion to that format.
> But msacm refuses to do a conversion to 48kHz sound because that 
> sampling rate is not in the 'supported formats' list: see around line 
> 870 of 'dlls/msacm/pcmconverter.c'. Hence the attached patch to 
> pcmconverter. The changes in wavemap.c are just so that we at least try 
> to see if we could convert to that sampling rate.
> However, why only support conversion between these specific formats? Why 
> not support anything between 100 and 100000Hz for instance? That would 
> nicely match the range returned by DirectSound...
> Does this patch look ok?
> Should I rewrite it using the above range instead? (Or rather, why 
> should I not rewrite it that way?)

msacm should indeed accept any possible conversion rate (I didn't check 
if a minimal/maximal range was enforced) (basically, you just need not 
to check for a correct rate when trying to accept or reject a given 

wavemapper should also support the new (XP ?) official rates of 48kHz 
and 96kHz


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