POSE (Palm OS Emulator) on WINE?

Bodo Wenzel palm.devel at gmx.de
Mon Dec 9 14:52:07 CST 2002

Hi Sylvain,

thanks for your reply! Since this is a special case for sure, I'm really 

> It runs on Linux, source is availble on their web site. (see the first
> link)
Yes, that's correct for the 'standard' POSE, I've got it up and running since 
long. The problem is that _SONY_ doesn't provide their extensions for any 
other system but Windows. Their source tree has neither SrcUnix nor BuildUnix 
branches :-(

And folks, please forgive me that I extent my call for help: the new 
simulator for PalmOS 5 does not work, too... :-}

Cheers, Bodo

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