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Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Thu Dec 12 20:26:38 CST 2002

> The actual implementation is a bit different between Windows and Wine:
> under Windows the import library has to be in the standard library
> file format that the linker understands (xxx.lib, or libxxx.a for
> gcc), and it is generated from the dll .def file. Under Wine we don't
> need a real library since everything is done inside winebuild without
> involving the Unix linker, so we use the .def file directly and skip
> the intermediate step of building a library object file.

So are we going to move away from using the *.spec files at some point and just use def's by
themselves? I dont think this would work because of the stubs functions and I'm sure there is more
about the .spec system I dont understand.


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