wineboot - Andy's version

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Sun Dec 22 03:19:24 CST 2002

Ok, I was under the impression that we want something in so that we can 
start working on it.

As this is the way you feel about the current wineboot, I think I'll go 
a completely new route. Please let me know your thoughts about the new 
proposed process.

In windows, some of the boot operations are done by the core "windows". 
These include wininit processing, win.ini, rename registry keys, and the 
services (can probably wait with these, however). Other things are 
performed by explorer when it first starts. These include the run and 
runonce keys.

What I'm thinking is incorporating the first group into the wine code 
itself (I'm thinking the server startup, synchroniously done). For the 
second group, create a wineboot program, and have a single option saying 
whether the wineserver should run it on startup or not.

Ideas, comments, opinions are welcome.


Alexandre Julliard wrote:

>Shachar Shemesh <wine-devel at> writes:
>>Just wanted to know whether this fell through the cracks, or whether
>>there was another reason this was not commited to CVS.
>I was hoping you would clean it up, not simply resubmit Andi's
>stuff. As discussed with Andi already, this thing is much too complex
>and over-engineered. It has to be a simple application that doesn't
>require user interaction or a dozen configuration parameters.

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