[RFC] wintab dll design: how to intergrate with current X11 code.

Robert North 7ownq0k402 at sneakemail.com
Sun Dec 22 06:49:41 CST 2002

Right, can now ignore my original post, and comment on the following.

Ok, I've sort of found a template for the X11_drv wintab seperation:
 The tablate is the direct X drirect draw, and open GL dlls.

These dlls do the following:
     X11_drv thread synchronisation
     Grab the X device the GDI code uses.
        (I only want to grab the same display string, and build my own 
XDisplay object).
    Get the X window handle from a win32 window handle.

This is all that's needed to attach the wintab dll to the XInput code.

I shall put no extra code in the X11_drv.
All  XInput calls will live in the wintab dll.

One fly may appear in the ointment:
    It is possible for the X11 driver to insert wintab messages into 
wthe win32 message queue.
    This can be handled entirely inside the wintab dll, but the tablet 
messages may get out of sync
    with the rest of the windows messages.
    If the messages do get out of sync, then wintab may need to hook 
into the event code int x11_drv/event.c.
    For the moment I'm assuming this won't happen.

That's all for now
    Merry Christmas

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