making an so wrapper for a windows dll

Patrick Michael Kane modus-wine at
Mon Dec 23 11:29:22 CST 2002


I have some business logic that is wrapped up inside of a 32-bit
Windows DLL.  Unfortunately, the source code to this DLL is not
available and it is unlikely to be ported to Linux anytime soon.

The good news is that the DLL is just a bunch of business logic.  It
doesn't try to access hardware directly, rely on 9000 other DLLs, etc.

My goal here is to end up with a Linux shared library that wraps the
DLL, so that I can then create wrappers to call the business logic
from Perl and/or Python.

winemaker seems to want to build an application, not a library.
mplayer/aviplayer seem to do this sort of thing, but there's no
documentation and it's all fairly obscure to a newcomer.

Is there a quick and easy way to accomplish this?  If not, is there a
Wine developer who might be interested in a small consulting project
to solve this problem?

Patrick Michael Kane
<modus at>

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