CreateProcess API - undocumented use

Ricardo r00tzz at
Fri Feb 1 04:26:52 CST 2002

> Well, show us how the second program is supposed to get at that data,
> and we'll show you what doesn't work at the moment.
> I'm still a bit ignorant about how exactly your programs do that data
> transfer (especially on the "client" side), thus please show us how
> this is supposed to be done.

Thanks for helping me! I'll show how the program work:

I have 2 programs, let's call them pgm1 and pgm2. These programs have common
data that pgm1 have to set on pgm2.
To set pgm2 data we write a file with a random name (actually we start with
a name, but if already exists we add 1 until we can create a new file) using
pgm1, let's cal this file file1.dat.
So, graphically it'll be:

   data ---------------->data
      |                                |
      |                                |
  pgm1--> file1.dat--> pgm2

The file1.dat is passed as a parameter using the dwFillAttribute of the

Hope it was what you were expecting.

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