CreateProcess API - undocumented use

Ricardo r00tzz at
Fri Feb 1 06:22:40 CST 2002

> just for understanding, what do you actually pass in dwFillAttribute ?
> (I assume it's the number '1' in your example, and then pgm2 recreates
> the name with a template like file%lu.dat)
> another point, if you do what Andi suggested, then please also code what
dwFillAttribute is meant for:
> - setting the default color attribute for a console program
(dwFillAttribute is not meant for passing values between programs)

You're rigth, dwFillAttribute is not meant for passing values between
programs, but tell the programers. The've coded like this, not my fault,
it's not a console program either. What happens to the file: it contents
some values that I need in the second program. I'll see if i can get the
Let's freeze this topic.

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