CreateProcess API - undocumented use

Ricardo r00tzz at
Fri Feb 1 08:50:24 CST 2002

> > Nope.
> > Either you implement it (which might be useful in order to get a grasp
> > what Wine is all about) or if nobody else wants to implement it,
> > then I'll certainly do it (should be a quick thing anyway).
> not that easy, if you actually implement what those parameters are for.
it's not only, as I wrote, a matter of passing a bit more of info between
father and child process, but to use it in child...
> moreover, since this covers mostly the console stuff, and since it's
somehow on my todo list, I'd rather keep it so.
> > Raising a tempest in a teapot and then saying "let's freeze it"
> > won't do much good ;-)
when i said "let's freeze it" I mean I'll get more information and send it
to you.

If you want I can try to implement it, because it's not the "regular"way to
use that function. As I said: "It's not a console program" and this function
was made to pass parameters to a console program. I'm not a programer but
here we have lot's of programmers that can do it. I'll ask and send you the


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