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Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 4 09:24:43 CST 2002

Hi Chris,
  thank you for suggesting the help.

Preferred method of contacting Wine developers is
posting to mailing list wine-devel. In this way
everybody can participate in the discussion and the
conversation will be documented for later reference.
See www.winehq.com how to join the list. I forward my
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Chris Caston wrote:

> I have volunteered myself to help test Windows
functions for 
> compatibility with WINE. I'm am not one of the
WIndows programmers but I 
> intend to take responsibility for many of the
functions to be checked 
> and to keep track of functions (perhaps even
developers) and their 
> status in a database. As well a setup assocation to
e-mail results to 
> other important people.

You are welcome! You can learn Windows programming
while creating the tests.

Knowing answers for these questions I can better help
What is your programming experience?
Do you have any Windows develoment tools?
What operation systems do you currently use (Windows,

> Could be so kind to shed some light on the API test
suite. Firstly, how 
> well documented are these functions?
> I'm getting conflicting information in this issue.
Some people say that 
> the Win32 API is obscured and kept closed while
others say that it is 
> one of the most throughly documented API's in use
today with many books 
> about programming in this environment and
information on the MSDN site.

On one hand there are a lot of documentation about
Win32 API, on other hand the documentation is often
misleading, there is a set of API which is not
documented at all and some programs, especially
Microsoft products (IE, Office), tend to use it.

Don't warry about this. We don't have any tests. Start
with writing tests for well-documented API, document
the cases when Win32 API behaviour differs from the

> I have found a page that lists 350+ functions:
> http://www.vbapi.com/ref/funca.html

Before somebody mentioned that Windows has more than
12,000 API functions :-)

MSDN (msdn.microsoft.com) is the best source of
information about Windows API. You also can find a lot
of information on the Net. Some references are listed
on www.winehq.com.

> Secondly, what mechanisms are being used for the
test suite? 

We are going to use tests, written in C and Perl. 

> Have these yet been agreed on?

Kind of - we already finished *very* active discussion
on the topic :-)
Perl and C frameworks and tests conventions are under
development. If you are interested, see thread "Re: We
*really* need a development model change !" and a few
other threads for details.

> Do you have some test functions already written that
I can see?

Yes, the Perl framework with sample test is already in
Wine code repository in programs/winetest directory.
You can browse Wine source online at:

I have C testing framework, but it is not in CVS yet.

Alexandre, what is the status of C testing framework?
Do you want me to submit the latest version I have
(without using the _T macro) for including in CVS?

The process of tests development, especially on
Windows, is not created yet.

> How can I learn the processes involved?

The development process is described on
www.winehq.com. Please, read the documentation
presented there.

Good luck.

Andriy Palamarchuk

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