(FWD) Announcing wineconf 2002

Ove Kaaven ovehk at ping.uio.no
Tue Feb 5 21:41:24 CST 2002

I received this today... it seems Lindows seem to want to host a Wine
conference. I noticed that they misspelled Alexandre's name and email
address, though they claim to work with him. Since this is supposed to be
an open conference anyway, and it's not a secret (most of the mail is just
a straight dump of the webpage they link to anyway), I decided to forward
it to wine-devel (but without the HTML).

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Subject: Announcing wineconf 2002 

Announcing wineconf 2002
We believe 2002 is the year WINE really breaks through to have a major
impact on computing. Many of you have had the vision and dedication long
before Lindows.com was around. And it's all of you who deserve the credit.
As a small token of our gratitude, we want to do our best to host the
first conference dedicated to WINE called wineconf. As the host,
Lindows.com will pay the cost of putting on the conference including
venue, food and other necessary arrangements. The agenda and speakers will
be the members of the WINE community. It will be a two day event on Friday
and Saturday where new ideas can be shared, new connections made, and you
can hear from the best and brightest pushing the WINE initiative forward.
We have dubbed the event wineconf and it will be open to all who wish to
attend. We don't expect a large crowd given the highly technical focus.
Working with lead WINE mind, Alexandre Juilliard, we have come up with a
list of people whose historic contributions to WINE deserve extra
recognition. To this group, we're making a special offer by picking up
their airfare to and from San Diego for this event. This is Lindows.com
way of thanking those who have made contributions in the past to get WINE
to the level it is at. We will notify you personally, if you are in this
list.  If you are not on this list, you are still welcome to attend with
no registration fee, but you will be responsible for your own
transportation.  Hotel costs will range from $75-125 per night.
The agenda will be sent out several weeks before the conference outlining
the topics and speakers. We will be working with attendees and speakers to
ensure we touch all the areas of interest.
wineconf will be held in San Diego, CA on March 15th-16th, 2002. We
selected San Diego for two primary reasons. First, because it's our home
town we can keep the costs down on the venue, transportation, computer
facilities, etc. Like all startups (that weren't born in 1999!), we have a
finite budget we're trying to stretch as far as possible. Secondly, since
WINE is a worldwide effort there's no ideally centralized location, so we
selected a place that should be nice and warm in March. (San Diego is 25
minutes south of LA by plane or 1.5 hours by car.)
The specific agenda will be forthcoming as we work with WINE contributors
to get their input and guidance. You can register online by going here:  
We hope you can make it!
Registration Form:
First Name:
Last Name:
Topics You Would Like To See Discussed:
Speakers You Would Like To Hear From:
Optional Part (for those we will be paying for air transportation)
Because of your past contributions to WINE, Lindows.com is offering to
arrange and pay for airfare from a nearby major metropolitan area to San
Diego for you to attend wineconf 2002.  This offer is non-transferable.
Your flight would depart on Thursday, March 14th and return on Sunday,
March 17th.
To qualify, by February 13th, 2002, you must:
1. Register online at http://lindows.com/wineconf (enter your name for
the "Invitation Code"). 2. Send an email to cheryl at lindows.com with the
below cancellation payment information.
You will need to agree that if you do not attend that you will pay for
all costs incurred by Lindows.com related to airfare arrangements.  Your
credit card will ONLY be billed if you do not attend after saying that
you will.
Hope to see you in San Diego!
NOTE: In addition to registering at http://lindows.com/wineconf, we must
receive the below information no later than February 13th, 2002 (e-mail
this to cheryl at lindows.com).  After that date, this offer is no longer
I agree to attend wineconf 2002 March 14-15th in San Diego and
understand that Lindows.com will be paying for my airfare.  If I do not
attend, I understand that I will have to pay for the costs incurred in
the scheduling of this airfare.
<"yes I agree." and your name here>
Exact name on passport or ID: <put your name here>
Nearest Major Airport: <put your city and country here>
Credit Card Type: <card type>
Credit Card Number: <card number>
Credit Card Expiration Date: <exp date>
Please remember to travel with picture ID, passport and VISA if
Further information can be found here http://www.lindows.com/wineconf

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