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Eric Pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Wed Feb 6 13:34:20 CST 2002

> Well, one problem is that the winelib program was accustomed to run
> with stdin assigned to a file or pipe.  That seems to confuse winedbg,
> so I moved it for now to a different fd.  
as of today, the debugger uses the standard input / output handles the
following way:
- if you do nothing, it'll use the one inherited from stdin and stdout.
if those aren't hooked up to a console, we're in bad shape. that's not
a debugger issue, it's a console issue
- if you run the debugger thru the wineconsole, then you're fine, you'll
get a brand new pair of input/output handles
- if the debugger UseXTerm is set to true, you're fine too, because the
debugger will fire a new console (whatever the state you're in), and 
you're back to previous square

what still remains to be fixed is adding support for console handles 
based on unix consoles (today, it's still a bit hacky), and implement
a (n)curse (or xterm as Marcus once did) back end for wineconsole


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