Some more MSVC fixes

David Laight david at
Wed Feb 6 14:31:17 CST 2002

> Hmm. Well, I gave the MS headers one more try and discovered
> a few not so nice things.
> If you have a Wine specific include like below in a file:
> #include "heap.h"
> and this file heap.h in turn has a
> #include "winbase.h"
> it will include the Wine version of the file instead of the
> MS version. This is probably because with "" files in the
> same directory has priority IIRC.
> This is solvable by doing
> #include <winbase.h>
> but this requires changes in almost all .h files
> but it is just a simple search and replace.
> Hmm. I wonder if doing this will cause any bad effect with
> GNU C or other compilers?

This is the standard behaviour for C includes.  It is actually usually
best to use <> not "" for all header files - unless you explicitely want
the file included from the current directory.


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