Favor: I need examples of un or poorly documented APIs

Gerhard W. Gruber sparhawk at gmx.at
Wed Feb 6 17:31:33 CST 2002

Jeremy White wrote:

> Specifically, they need clear examples of Windows APIs
> that are not documented, or cases where the actual
> working of an API is substantially different from the
> documented behavior.

I know of a bunch of functions in the rpcrt4.dll. Most of them starting
with Ndrxxx. many of these functions are nowhere even mentioned. I don't
know if they are of much help because usually they ar enot used
directly, but I worked for a company where we had problems with them
because they contain bugs and we couldn't get help and had to rewrite
the code (advised by MS).

If you need specific names I can dig some up if you want. Just drop me
an email or answer in the list.

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