Wine license change

Chris Green chris at
Wed Feb 6 19:13:48 CST 2002

Hi Jeremy et al,

Well, for my 2c worth (or about 1c in US currency :)) I suspect most
people who don't look at the license would assume that Wine is xGPL
anyway, as so many Linux-type things are... so from a typical user's
point of view they'd probably not notice the difference. The occasional
contributor to Wine (myself included) probably thinks in terms of the
GPL for any Linux-oriented, source-code included, project.

Personally, I'd be happy to see Wine converted to xGPL - just to make
sure that there is a minimal chance of Wine forking in the future. I do
believe that the xGPL licenses are the best way to avoid a fork in the

The other thing I just wanted to check was whether Alexandre was
expecting to get a lot of emails saying yea or nay - if he's expecting
it, I'm happy to send to him, but I'd hate to be part of an email flood
of his mailbox :)
Chris Green
Massey-Green Software Labs

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