Wine compile on MSVC?

Patrik Stridvall ps at
Thu Feb 7 08:05:18 CST 2002

> Is this correct that tests are made to compile Wine on MSVC?

Only on a small scale, nothing really serious yet.

> What good
> is this for? I thought Wine should be an emulation of windows 
> code on a
> Unix platform, what good is it to run Windows on Windows?
> Just being curious. :)

Well. I qoute myself:
"It would be quite nice to have all non core DLL compiling and 
working and with winetest ported. Then you could just run winetest
through the debugger and be able to set breakpoint and step through
the code in Visual Studio in order to get all to tests to run properly. :-)"

Also note that this would make it possible to debug each dll in an
enviroment where all other DLLs except the DLL tested were real
Windows DLLs.

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