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Michael Robertson michael at
Thu Feb 7 09:55:10 CST 2002

I've fielded a few questions from people who are interested in wineconf 2002. For a list of hotels. The best on the 
cheap/close scale would probably probably be Homestead which are really 
nice suites (have a little kitchen I believe).

Sorry about the short notice (by Feb 14th). That's of course not the cutoff 
to attend, but just the cutoff for those of you to attend that want to pick up the airfare.

We don't intend on advertising it to the general public so we keep a high 
caliber of attendee. The only place the notification has gone is wine-devel 
list. We currently have about 15 people signed up. Alexandre told me to 
tell you he's coming if that will help get more people here.

Please continue to send in your ideas about topics and speakers. This will 
help make the conference as informative and rewarding as possible.

We'll also have a fun event planned for one of the evenings on 
so we'll try to make it a good social event as well as technical.

-- MR
michael at

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