Wine license change

David Speckbacher dsp at
Thu Feb 7 12:48:29 CST 2002


I haven't contributed anything sorry but i'd just like to state
that dual licensing would make none commercial use and usage in
open source projects possible but also get something back from

At the moment everyone is allowed to resync with the wine code if
there are changes but if you sold a license for releases to 
companies and they would have to purchase a seperate license for 
each release in order to be allowed to keep their code to themselves
that'd discourage forking, brute force maybe.

As they try to make money, it is only fair to give something back
to the wine developers.

Good luck and thanks,

"If you have any great suggestions, feel free to mail me,
 and I'll probably feel free to ignore you"
               -- Linus Torvalds

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