License change: patenting for one year?

Christopher Morgan chmorgan at
Fri Feb 8 08:56:13 CST 2002

I suppose this is the root of what wine developers in general really want.  They 
want to know that if some person or company takes and adds onto wine that 
eventually the improvments will flow back into the public domain for everyone to 
gain from.  I would like to hear what Transgaming, CW and other companies using 
wine think about this.


On Fri, 8 Feb 2002, Roland wrote:

> Hello,
> someone here already had the idea of making a patenting scheme.
> Maybe this would be a good idea. A company can take the code, improve it 
> and doesn't have to give modifications back until one year has passed. That 
> would give them a competitive edge. Users would pay that company to be able 
> to use always the newest versions. After one year, the code has to be 
> contributed and is placed under the xGPL.

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