Wine license change

Roland roland at
Fri Feb 8 12:47:50 CST 2002

At 07:54 AM 2/8/02 -0800, g.russell at wrote:
>3. If no combination of existing licenses will suffice, write a license
>that does.

That would be the perfect solution. BUT, I think you didn't consider that 
there is a precondition that has to be fulfilled: Is it possible to make a 
license that fits all needs?

That's the BIG IF in my opinion. And, as I wrote in my last message, at the 
moment I tend to think that there is no such license possible because the 
interests of the participants are antagonistic.

To write it again we have two interests:

1. People who want to make money selling WINE or derivates == anti xGPL
2. People who contribute for free or have another business model than the 
above == pro xGPL


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