Joe Tennies rotund at
Fri Feb 8 14:03:53 CST 2002

I have personally always been a huge fan of the BSD license.  It has
always seemed to me to be more about standards.

I know you guys are angered about TransGaming making their WineX
version, but get over it.  TransGaming is more than willing to place
code back into the community.  They are just making sure they can cover
their own asses too.  With the current state of open-sourced companies
and internet companies in general, I think they have a decent plan.

Also, switching to the LGPL will not make it impossible for TransGaming
to make WineX.  This has been discussed on the SDL list lately.  All you
need to do to make a closed source version of a LGPL library is have the
LGPL library make calls into a closed source library.

The theory behind the LGPL is fairly simple.  Make sure that the LGPLed
library can be recompiled if one of its dependancies either stops being
made or changes dramatically.  Basically, it's there to make sure things
link 5 years from now.

This will probably be my last message to this list as I am dropping it
and going to the Mono project.  Have fun!

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